Bewilder {bih-wil-der}: perplex.
Be wilder {bee wahylder}: living in a state of nature; not tamed or domesticated.


We have a passion for the outdoors and there is no doubt that you do too.

Whether you love the smell of homegrown tomatoes, take the time to watch insects in your garden. ... You even might be the loner on the mountain top or the one that faced a brown bear after a five-hour walk.

You feel what Bewilder means! Right?

Our small collection is made with a heart for design, a vision of a better world and a passion to promote, protect and preserve the outdoors.


I am a dad spending free time with my family: in the middle of nowhere in a retro caravan, every now and then in a sea that is a way to cold or once a year on a mountain top.

In the real world I am a designer hung up on clean & clever design. In the heat of the moment I am confusing 'work hard, play hard' with bewilderment.

I am sorry, I am only human too.

I love to make shirts that catch the spirit of BEWILDER. I have a dream of starting small and designing bewildering stuff, selling just enough to make new stuff. It will be much appreciated if you support this dream.


For every 100 products sold, I am giving 1 day back to nature: I am eager to plant trees, clean up beaches and save toads.

My family and I are out there anyway so it is the least we can do. That is a promise, not a marketing trick!


I am an offline kind of guy, but you can find Bewilder on Instagram.

If you send me an e-mail, I will answer it.

If we meet in a faraway forest, you wearing a BEWILDER T-shirt I will wink and smile at you, that is a promise too.

See you soon!


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